Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can players prepare for the Texas History Challenge?

The Texas history Challenge quizzes are based on Texas History so the best way to prepare is to brush up on your Texas history. The Handbook of Texas Online is an encyclopedia resource with over 26,000 articles on Texas history. Another great resource for facts about Texas is the Texas Almanac. Texas history is taught in 4th and 7th grades in public schools in Texas.

How is the Texas History Challenge scored?

Each monthly challenge has three rounds of quizes. Each quiz has 20 questions. You have 15 seconds to answer each question. You will receive 5 points per correct answer and 1 point for every remaining second you have on the time limit. You need at least 70 points to continue to the next round. The first two quizzes will allow you two attempts to take them. The final round for each month will only allow you one attempt to pass it. Points are given for answering correctly and for answering quickly. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers so guessing when you do not know the answer might give you an advantage if you do not know the answer since you will not be penalized for wrong answers.

How do you move on to the next challenge?

There are three quizzes for each monthly challenge. If you receive 70 points minimum for each quiz, you will advance to the next quiz until you complete the final round. You will have two chances to play the first two quizzes and one chance to play the third. Each month, the scores are wiped clean and everyone has a chance to start over.

How do I find out which answers I got wrong?

After each question, you will be notified if your answer was correct or incorrect. Your dashboard will also show your correct and incorrect answers after the quiz is over.

How do you create questions for the Texas History Challenge?

The questions for the Texas History Challenge come from a bank of questions created by teachers, former teachers, and Texas history professionals. The questions are fact checked and approved by professionals. Questions come from a variety of sources, but two of the most important sources are the Handbook of Texas Online and the Texas Almanac.

Who can play Texas History Challenge?

Anyone can play! Adults over 18 are welcome to play as an adult. Children with a parent or teacher permission are allowed to play as students. Teachers are allowed to play as an adult or to register as a teacher and register their students to track student progress and scores.

What happened to the Texas Quiz Show?

The Texas Quiz Show was retired. The online format of Texas Quiz Show is similar to the Texas History Challenge online format. Texas History Challenge offers more information to teachers and allows students and adults to be engaged year-round with Texas history.