How to Play

Welcome to the Texas History Challenge! Let’s get started.

Adults, register to compete against other Texas history aficionados and win recognition on our rankings page.

Students, register with parent or teacher permission to compete and win recognition on our rankings page.

Teachers, register yourself and your students to track their progress and see their quizzes.

1 Login or create an account (it's free!).

2 Tell us whether you are a student, teacher, or adult and follow the instructions to register.

3 Once registered, you will have an account with a dashboard letting you know which quizzes are available.

4 Choose an available quiz and begin playing. There are three rounds per month with two chances to play round 1 and 2, and only one chance to play round 3. All three quizzes are available all month and users can play the quizzes all at one time or at different times throughout the month. If a quiz is replayed you lose that score and start fresh.

5 Quizzes are timed! Points are given for correct answers and the faster you answer, the more points you receive.

6 The highest scorer of each monthly challenge is recognized on our rankings page.

7 Have fun!


1 The quizes are timed. Bonus points are awarded based upon the number of seconds remaining per question, so the faster you go the higher your score. Select your best guess as quickly as possible to maximize your score.

2 Select your best guess before time runs out. You aren't penalized for incorrect answers, so don't miss a chance to respond due to uncertainty.

3 Brush up on your Texas history. We recommend you use the Handbook of Texas Online or the Texas Almanac website to study.